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Design & Direction

Nozem CX500

As most customs the cx started out as.. well.. ugly.
Lorenzo Pinto, Delano Limoen, Photography: Gijs Spierings
With our vision of making it a slick proportioned ride only the tank could be salvaged. Lowering the front shocks, bumping up the tank a bit and slipping on that fat rear Firestone tyre gave the bike stance we were looking for. Chopping of the rear frame relieved the sweet girl of some heavy (ugly) bones. After reconstructing the frame the slick rear end was created from fibres, which brought the flow back in the bike. Connecting the tank and the rear a brown leather seat makes here a doozy to drive. Harley shocks were chosen to uphold that sweet little behind. Lighting the future is a yellow jeep rally light and lighting the past are two Nozem custom made rear lights with integrated brake lights.

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