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Design & Direction

Nozem XS650

We thought it was time for something different
Lorenzo Pinto Daniel Marchant Delano Limoen Livingston (LifeCreations) Photography: Gijs Spierings
“We thought it was time for something different,” Nozem co-founder Lorenzo explains. “We love café racers, but this one is a mix. A bit of tracker, bobber, and chopper.” The design might be quirky, but the levels of finish are superlative. Behind the engine, the frame is completely new—and considerably lower than stock. It’s now supported by a pair of Harley shocks, to ensure the fat rubber leaves no skid marks on the vestigial tail unit. Tiny custom taillights are integrated into the frame end tubes. Nazem has re-sprung the forks and fabricated a custom upper triple, which houses the compact speedo. Modified motocross bars add a tracker vibe and keep a clean look. “The engine required a bit of a tune-up,” says Lorenzo, “more than the ordinary paint, polish, and shine.” The worn-out BS38 carbs were replaced by Keihin 32s, and Nozem has built an intricate stainless exhaust system to match. It’s hooked up to Laser X-Treme mufflers, a Nozem favorite. New sprockets and a heavy-duty gold chain transmit the power to the back wheel. A completely new wiring loom and compact Ballistic battery keep the electrics humming. The star of the show is the bodywork, though—painted by Airbrushlab LifeCreations in a lustrous green metal flake with yellow pinstriping. It’s as old school as it gets, and a style that still has masses of appeal. The tank has been scavenged from an old motocrosser, but the tail unit and front fairing are hand-fabricated. The rear is low and the front is high, which Lorenzo describes as “a dubious but perfect mix.” Just like Amsterdam itself.

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